FRIEND Camp – Middle School Students

Fabulous Relationships and Intimacy Education that Nurtures Development – FRIEND

FRIEND Camps for Middle School are a fun way to learn to build healthy relationships that can last a lifetime.

At each of the in-person FREE camps, youth lunch, snacks, and a T-shirt.

Trained facilitators, one male and one female, deliver 13 healthy relationship lessons from Love Notes, a curriculum developed in the context of dating and romantic connections. The goal of the FRIEND Camp is to help young people 11-14 years of age build a foundation for healthy romantic relationships now and for lasting, positive family environments in the future. Sessions include art, video, music, and discussion.

Love Notes builds skills and knowledge for healthy and successful relationships with partners, family, and friends. The communication skills and self-awareness components of Love Notes are critical to all kinds of relationships in life.

FRIEND Camps usually meet on two consecutive Saturdays.

Youth who complete the 2-day program will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

To register, click the link below: