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Informed Consent for Project Evaluation of 
Life-skills, Empowerment and Development Services (LEADS) Fabulous Relationships and Intimacy Education that Nurtures Development (FRIEND) Project

Purpose and Background
We are conducting an evaluation research study that is evaluating the progress and impact of our non-profit’s FRIEND Project implementing LOVE NOTES Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Evidence-based Program (EBP) curriculum. As part of the study, we are interested in learning if our intervention improves your teen’s knowledge regarding healthy relationships between boyfriend/girlfriend, peer-to-peer, and family members as well as how to avoid risk-taking behaviors relating to substance abuse.  Your teen’s perspectives will help us evaluate, suggest changes, and make recommendations to strengthen the efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancy, HIV, STDs and substance abuse in teens. The results from this study will be shared in a report and used to teach others, but all information is deidentified, so no names or identifying information is ever released. It is reported in aggregate, not by individual.

We are interested in learning what impact our project is having on the knowledge and attitudes of the youth receiving LOVE NOTES SRA EBP. Youth will be asked to participate in two consecutive Saturday classes of six and a half hours each. (During the pandemic, these will be implemented virtually.  When the pandemic ends, we will conduct in-person sessions at various community locations.)  Youth will receive 13 hours of LOVE NOTES curriculum. They will be given a survey prior to implementation of the curriculum, and another at the end of the program. They will also receive a Youth Satisfaction Survey at the end of each day of the project. 

We do not anticipate any risks associated with participating in the study. If any question asked makes a participant uncomfortable, they are always free to decline to answer or to discontinue participation at any time.  The researchers for this study will protect the confidentiality of whatever they share with them, and no identifying information will be released to anyone. The surveys are voluntary.

Participating in this study will give your teen an opportunity to discuss their concerns regarding boy/girl, friend, and family relationships.  They will learn to identify healthy relationships and make healthy choices that protect their future aspirations. The researchers for this study will protect the confidentiality of whatever they share with them, and no identifying information will be released to anyone. Information from this study will be used for research purposes and may be published; however, your youth’s name will not be used in any publications. 

There are no costs to participate in this study.  However, participants will be compensated for their time and participation.

Participants will be compensated for participating in this study. Youth who complete the program will receive a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card, and an additional $25.00 Gift Card if they complete the Trusted Adult Connection form, demonstrating that they discussed some of what they are learning with a trusted adult. (Parent, grandparent, youth pastor, pastor, teacher, etc.) They will also receive a T-shirt, and while our face-to-face programs included breakfast, lunch and snacks, during our virtual implementation they will receive a $20.00 food gift card.

Participation is Voluntary
No youth needs to participate in this study if they do not want to. If your teen volunteers to be in this study, you may withdraw him or her from it at any time. 

Privacy and Confidentiality
We will keep you and your child’s study records private and confidential. Certain people may need to see your study records, but they will have no name or identifying information.  Anyone who looks at your records must keep them confidential. These individuals include: The research team, including the Principal Investigator, and all other research staff.  We may publish what we learn from this study, but we will report in aggregate, so no individual information will be published. No adult or youth name will be included.  We will NOT publish anything that would let people know who you are.

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding your rights as the parent/legal guardian of a participant in this study, please contact:

Marlaina Satcher

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to provide consent for the surveys in order to participate in the program.